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Our services are all focused on you - the customer! 
Astr caters to every aspect of each project with dedication and quality assurance. Our technicians are dedicated to just one thing - solving your problems! Our professionals can rush to your needs and apply the necessary technology and tools to solve your problem, even if same day service is necessary. 
    The professionals in our engineering department will consult or assist you with the design for your project, using CAD, CAM and SW operations to ensure high quality results. Dedicated to their craft, our experienced toolmakers are cross-trained and focus on expert workmanship. Using the newest in high technology, we apply it efficiently and cost-effectively to satisfy your needs. 
    Over the years, Astr has grown based on a philosophy of honesty, hard work, and a dedication to its customers' needs. Customer satisfaction is our main objective and our team enjoys meeting and exceeding the ever-changing goals of our clients. We believe in the philosophy that our company can only be successful if our customers are successful.
    Our services embody the principle of high-quality, low-cost, and just-in-time.
1. Design
We could design drawing for the customer by 2D and 3D drawing. We use CAD and Solidworks for the customer job.

design of the maching parts needed

2.Cost control
    Comparative price means profits to both sides. We manage to control the product cost from both production cost and acquisition cost. First, we provide the "Design for Manufacturability" solution in pursuit of the most economical program for each project so that the products cost are reduced. On the other hand, we established an agile purchasing force to search the cheapest materials on the basis that all the materials are up to standard.

3.Just-in-time service
    it may mean cost to customers whether we make delivery early or late. So, on the one hand, we take pains to meet deadlines and improve times to market; on the other hand, we established off-site logistics system, by which we can keep parts or components for you until you want them.

    Astr Provides a comprehensive customized logistic services and provides on-demand shipment status to meet ever-tighter deadlines. We ensure customer satisfaction of their logistics requirements with a damage-free shipment. Our molds are packed for delivery with electrodes, the trial samples, trial report, some replaceable parts, the full set of mould assembly drawing and components drawing together. 
    We are cooperating with well-known shipping companies like FEDEX, UPS, DHL, and TNT and provide also shipping by sea or air depending on our customer's demand. 
design of the machining parts bidding   


5.Service Range
    What customer proposes, Astr produces!
    What we produce is determined by your needs.
    Our services include:
• Design 
• Engineering 
• Manufacture 
• Assembly 
• Packaging 
• Shipping 
• Tooling 
• Warehousing 
• Distribution 
Only limited by your imagination!
    We have been serving customers in various fields, which include Commercial / Industrial Products
> Household Appliances > Medical Equipment 
> House ware Products > Consumer Electronics 
> Computer Products > Instrumentation 
> Communication Products > Automotive Spare Parts

6.After-sales Service
    As an experienced player in the line, we strive for customer satisfactions. So we ensure you that we will follow up every product we sell.
    We provide necessary technology and technical supports for all our products. We have decades of technicians available to assist in the assembly or the relevant support services whenever and wherever you need.
    We make compatible parts available whenever and where ever you want. We do as we say, for we have established mature logistic and inventory system to supply what you need.
    We are obliged to provide necessary maintenance, for which we have enough technicians in service.
    And last but not least, our responsive and helpful customer service force is available by below means.
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